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Custom Injection Molding

Offering Custom Injection Molding for Your Project

From our heritage of 35 years in injection molding molding as a sock hanger manufacturer, to our current offering of custom injection molding for a wide range of products, Conover is here to serve you. We welcome your next injection molding projects.

Using thirteen injection molding machines with various tonnages (75 to 500) and shot weights

ranging from 3 oz to 35 oz, Conover Plastics is prepared to meet any plastic injection molding


Conover Plastics provides plastic injection molding services to many industries
luding consumer products, appliances and house wares, OEM’s, packaging, toy, furniture, and the hosiery and garment industry.

Do you have an idea and need CAD assistance, prototype, mold, and injection molded products?

Perfect. Conover Plastics will gladly provide CAD assistance and prototyping support for a nominal fee. Additionally, we aggressively work with a network of domestic and international mold makers to procure the best and most cost effective injection molding tool (mold).


Do you have a mold and need custom (toll) injection molded products?

No problem. Conover Plastics fully understands the competitive nature of today’s market. Our pricing is extremely competitive for custom injection molding. Quality and Service are a given. Whether you need prototype injection molding services or full scale production, we can support your needs.


Do you need to customize a Conover Plastics standard product?

We have you covered. The market place has taught us that Homogenization is for milk! We gladly produce–using our molds–a unique and custom injection molding product for our customers, using exchangeable inserts or any Pantone® color. Our plastic injection molding services are made to fit your needs!

Plastic Injection Molding Services

Whether you need precision plastic components or large plastic products, Conover Plastics has the tools and capabilities to deliver your orders on time and on budget. From prototype injection molding to delivery of your product, we provide the guaranteed service you deserve.

We are the preeminent one stop solution for custom injection molding product design and through delivery. With end-to-end manufacturing solutions, and the best customer service in the industry, we provide what you need–when you need it. Plus, our comprehensive plastic injection molding services are guaranteed.

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