Conover Plastics

Why Conover Plastics?

A North Carolina Plastic Injection Molding Company with a 100% Satisfaction



At Conover Plastics we oversee the design and fabrication of top quality molds that are built to tight specifications. Whether you need plastic hangers, or other types of custom injection molding, our standards are strict; from short run prototype molds to fully hardened multi-cavity steel molds. By using quality raw materials in the molding of our products, and having well trained employees that adhere to these standards, we can take pride in knowing that the custom injection molding products we manufacture are the very best.

Finally, when you choose Conover Plastics, you are buying directly from a North Carolina manufacturer. This means you are taking advantage of low cost overhead, no mark-ups, no oversees freight costs and freight forwarding fees– AND no hidden costs.

The Conover Plastics Value Proposition


1. From a sketch on a napkin to a fully articulated CAD design, Conover Plastics is ready to serve our customers’ custom injection molding needs. We have put together an impressive network of vendors assembled over our 35 year history. We can expediently and effectively handle any injection molding project: including part design, mold design, rapid prototyping, and mass production.

2. Conover Plastics provides a wide range of plastic proprietary products and designs
luding new innovative styles and patented hangers. Over the years, we have delivered the highest quality products at competitive prices. In the future, we will continue to support our customers with standard and custom products when they need them–always focusing on superior customer service.

3. Conover Plastics partners with customers to provide customized solutions to the customers’ specific injection molding needs. By collaborating with your marketing and purchasing teams in the early stages of product development, you end up getting exactly what you need: the right quality product–at the right time.

Green Leaders


Conover Plastics is diligently working with newly developed polymers and additives to deliver renewable resource, environmentally friendly products. These environmentally friendly solutions are available in our standard offering and any custom products.

The Custom Injection Molding and Customer Service Experts


We don’t just utter it, we live and fully embrace management guru Peter Drucker’s statement about the importance of customers: “The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside the walls. The result of a business is a satisfied customer.”

What this means to Conover Plastics: Your satisfaction in our products and services is our business and we guarantee your complete satisfaction from the way our courteous and knowledgeable office staff answers the phone– to providing same day service of our stock products (orders received by 4 P.M. EST.)

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